Sky Laboratories Ltd is focusing to reform the traditional alarm/security transmission through DTMF telephone lines and replace with secure wireless GPRS (WIreless mobile USA) TCP-IP (LAN and Intranet). We provide entry level monitoring solutions for companies already have complicated automation software by our BlackBox as plug and play solution for encrypted TCPIP protocol through GPRS, LAN or INTERNET. Sky Laboratories is a provider for security monitoring as retrofit, and for new alarm panel markets by its products.

Solution provider

Sky Laboratories Ltd., is the right partner for tailor -made solutions. From the module specification and manufacturing to the maintenance of the monitoring system.

Our services:

  • Custom made GPRS modem design and manufacturing
  • Provide corporate plan for GSM services
  • Develop and set up monitoring centre consoles and connections.
  • Training monitorng station personnel to handle the system
  • Provide various reports periodically from the database.

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