M2M Applications

Elevator rescue system, Vending machines, Traffic light control, Liquid tank control, Freezer and fridge control and temperature recording, Parking machines, Security application, Remote time-attandence system, Asset tracking, GPS-GPRS truck monitoring, On-line weather stations

Elevator rescue system functions:

  • #1 Rescue call
  • #2 Door open
  • #3 Elevator moving upwards
  • #4 Elevator moving downwards
  • #5 Hoistway frame
  • #6 Collective fault input
  • #7 Rescue call reset input
  • #8 Top of car emergency switch
  • Microphone and Loudspeaker
  • Data port, Camera input
  • Remote controlled output

Access control reader (TA system service logs), Operation service log Enables connection with the rescue personnel and the cabin in conference with the monitoring station (EN81 and USA/CAN standard compliance)

Releated products

  • BlackBox - Encrypted TCP/IP monitoring receiver
  • Servinet - Elevator monitoring system
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