CEC 440 - Contact Ethernet Converter

8 input (contact) transmitter board wich uses standard Ethernet network with Encrypted TCP/IP protocol. Programmable from the remote monitoring software (ETMS) or by standard WEB browser. The output relays can be controlled by also by any web browser.




  • Encrypted Ethernet communication
  • 24 hours non stop connection with Monitoring Software (ETMS or BLACKBOX)
  • 8 EOL Input
  • 4 programmable and remote controlled output
  • Local programming by serial port or Ethernet connector
  • Remote programming through IP network (Internet, LAN)
  • Industrial signal transmission by contact input or through RS 232 serial input
  • Web server for status display and remote programming.
CEC_Install_and_programming_manual_080826.pdf (2013/09/25, 617 Kb)
CEC_Dolby_Install_and_programming_manual_080826.pdf (2013/09/25, 618 Kb)
CEC_v1.06.x_Install_and_programming_manual_0801019.pdf (2013/09/25, 632 Kb)
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