BlackBox Extended  - Encrypted TCP/IP receiver, RS232 converter

BlackBox Extended is a TCP/IP to RS232 contverter for Central Monitoring Stations to interface any existing Alarm Automation software.
BlackBox Extended receives alarm singal from hudred of residential or commercial security control panel and establishes two way connection through GPRS and Internet. Besides this accurate status information is stored and accessible.


  • Expand existing monitoring stations to encrypted TCPIP and GPRS reception.
  • Minimal investment to entry level TCPIP and GPRS monitoring
  • Easy to Install, no major training needs
  • Easy to program by any Web browser
  • No need to extra desktop, computer and does not include moving parts such as HDD or fans.
  • WEB firmware upgradeable
  • Small size
  • Low current consumption
  • 500 clients per Blackbox for GPRS and TCPIP
  • One fix IP address needed to operate
  • Full continous 24/7 connection to modules and control panels of customers
  • 128 bit high security encryption
  • Real time , synchronized clock
  • Serial (RS232) communication to monitorin automation softwares
  • D6600, D6500, Surgard, Ademco 685 serial protocol
  • Heartbeat (test signal) watch at desired interval
  • Status review per connected module, control panel
  • 25000 event log if not connected to automation software


  • BlackBox Extended was purpose built to run 24 hours 7 days a week on embedded Unix operation system.
  • BlackBox Extended current consumption is 10th of a similar desktop PC
  • BlackBox Extended size is one tenth of a desktop PC
  • BlackBox Extended no need PC to run its software it could be directly connected to Central Monitoring stations *.
  • BlackBox Extended does not need anti-virus or spyware software and software upgrades, or service packs.
  • BlackBox Extended does not require you to buy software licences such as Win XP, 2000 or Vista.
  • BlackBox Extended does not need timely cleanup and maintenance for harddisk because it has no harddisks.
  • BlackBox Extended does not have voulnerable powersupply and battery backup is only fragment of a PC equivalent power supply.
  • BlackBox Extended list price is only EUR300 ** which is probably half of any legal operational system PC price, not even mention that a desktop computer is not designed to run 24 hours a day, 365 days in a year.

*(Software able to receive in Surgard MLR or Radionics receiver RS232 port formats)
** BlackBox Extended may be free of charge for Central Stations depending on contracted details.
BlackBox exended_installation_manual_2100122.pdf (2013/09/25, 693 Kb)

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