The DEC 408SP is a multifunctional board for industrial and security application with on board IP and Phone communicator. DEC 408SP could also work as stand alone control panel or even converting any security control panel to IP compatible 24 hours fully supervised communication while itself used as multi zone expander. DEC 408SP could be expanded by wireless devices such as motion detectors and contact transmitters from Inovonics range.





  • Encrypted TCP/IP communication
  • 24hours constant two way supervision with IP monitoring station
  • Two server IP address programmable
  • Compatible with all existing communicatior security intruder control panels (DTMF CID)
  • Expansion of existing security systems with RF devices (Inovonics wireless *)
  • Fully functional stand alone control panel by itself
  • E-mail sending
  • 8 EOL input
  • 8 RF devices expandable ( with optional EE4000 receiver *)
  • Several input types (Follower, immediate, 24h, tamper, technical, .)
  • 4 programmable output
  • Outputs could be triggered remotely by any internet browser, or ETMS software
  • Web programmable , no need for special modem or installed programming software.
  • Remotely accessible web diagnostics

* Inovonics compatibe devices: "ES1210 - Universal End-Device", "ES1210W - Door/Window", "ES1212 - Two-Input Universal", "ES1215 - Universal End Device w/Wall Tamper", "ES1215W - Door/Window w/Wall Tamper", "ES1216 - Two-Input Universal w/Wall Tamper", "E*1223D - Water Resistant Two-Button Pendant", "E*1223S - Water Resistant One-Button Pendant", "ES1233D - Two-Button Necklace Pendant", "ES1233S - One-Button Necklace Pendant", "ES1233D - Three Channel Necklace Pendant", "ES1235D - Two-Button Belt Pendant", "ES1235S - One-Button Belt Pendant", "ES1236D - Three Channel Belt Pendant", "ES1238D - Two Channel Belt Pendant", "ES1242 - Residental Smoke Detector", "ES1247 - Glass Break Detector", "ES1249 - Bill-trap", "ES1254 - Four Channel Belt Pendant", "ES1260 - Inovonics PIR", "ES1262 - Bosch PIR", "ES1265 - Ceiling Mount PIR"
DEC_408sp&RF_Inovonics_Install_and_programming_manual_090420.pdf (2013/09/25, 1 Mb)
DEC408sp_leaflet_eng_090421.pdf (2013/09/25, 588 Kb)

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