SPG 804

SPG 804 Probably the first control panel which allows IP Camera control full GPRS and IP communication with PSTN, DATA and SMS backup. Could be used as stand alone wired or wireless panel or as communication gateway for any security control panel with DTMF Contact ID or 4/2 format.



  • 24hours constant two way supervision with IP monitoring station
  • 128bit AES encryption
  • Two server IP address programmable
  • 5 way security communication: TCPIP, GPRS, MODEM, SMS , PSTN -PSTN backup possibility (If LAN, GSM fails than connected security panel could dial out on normal tel line) also for up and downloading existing control panels
  • Modem data call (If LAN, GPRS can not get through, it can use GSM data services)
  • Compatible with all existing communicatior security intruder control panels (DTMF CID, 4/2)
  • On board zones and outputs could be used as expander module of any control panel, connected to it.
  • Expansion with 32 RF devices (Inovonics 868MHz wireless *)
  • Fully functional stand alone control panel by itself with 8 hardwire, 32 RF zones
  • E-mail sending
  • Automatic SMS sending
  • SMS commanding
  • Full alarm features with several input types (Follower, immediate, 24h, tamper, technical, stay .)
  • Stay and Away mode arming
  • 4 programmable output (open collector)
  • Outputs could be triggered remotely by any internet browser, or ETMS software
  • Web programmable , no need for special modem or installed programming software.
  • Remotely accessible web diagnostics
  • 4 user web access on adjustable authority level
  • 8 IP Camera contro (Start, Stop recording in the cam own memory, Send to FTP server functions)
  • Telephone handset could be connected to the PHONE connector to initiate and receive phone calls through GSM voice.
  • Remote firmware upgradable
  • Optional Serial port plug on panel (RS232, 485) (end of 2009)
  • Optional Laudspeaker and Mic amplifier plug on panel (end of 2009)


Application Diagram:


Main technical parameters:
GSM/GPRS 3 band modem
Operating voltage 11-15 VDC, 70 mA
Inputs: 2,2K and 3,3K ohm DEOL resistor
Outputs: Open collector max 150mA

SPG804sp_installation manual_20100205.pdf (2013/09/25, 1 Mb)
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