SPG 1000

The module can take any conventional Ademco Contact ID security control panel and trasfer it into SIA IP DC9 protocol either in 128 bit encrypted or not encrypted format. The SPG 1000 is a "motherboard" for the SPG 84 8 zone input, 4 zone controloutput securtiy control panel which a small independent security panel. SPG 1000 controls ethernet and GPRS channels and capable of sending e-mail and SMS messages.



  • SIA IP DC9 protocol (SIA TCP/UDP/Encrypted, Closed socket)
  • 24 hour connection with the server (min.test signal interval is10 sec)
  • DHCP / Fix IP
  • Two server reporting as backup, DYN DNS server
  • Web user and installer interface for programming or control
  • Remote access through Ethernet network.
  • Firmware upgrade
  • 8/4 input/ output, Dallas iButton arming security plug on module
  • Industrial data transmission through contacts or RS232 port
  • E-mail and SMS sending
  • SMS commanding
  • Full functional 8 zone security control panel with SPG 84 expansion board (optional)
SPG 1000 dual path module english manual.pdf (2013/09/25, 453 Kb)
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